Pictures: Graduation

Pictures of classmates are scattered around the pages of this website. I have pulled together here photographs that I could not fit into those pages. We are participants in an accelerated graduate program at the University of Maryland University College's Executive Program for a Master's of Science. Thirty-six credit hours crammed into four modules of three seminars each. We have three face to face classes and two online classes for each seminar. Our Saturday sessions lasted from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

Victor, his significant other and Jane Golderberg (the XMIT coordinator) are teased by a jester that UMUC brought in to enliven the environment, given academicians' tendency to take things seriously. We were all decked with beads, as if we were participating in Mardi Gras
Classmates and Jane Goldberg with jester


Stella Porto and her husband enjoy the wrapup reception of our Master program
Don Goff and Sal Monaco
Don Goff and Sal Monaco give a big smile.

Michael Smith On graduation day at Comcast Center
My dad and I are the Comcast Center.
Jane Goldberg
Jane Goldberg, the Executive Program coordinator, asked me to take a picture that made her look thinner. I think this fits the bill.


Paul Fagan and his wife listen attently.
Paul Fagan and wife