Pictures of classmates are scattered around the pages of this website. I have pulled together here photographs that I could not fit into those pages.

We came from a variety of career tracks -- private enterprise, Federal government, univesities and international organizations. Some came out of the IT departments of their employers while others did not have a strictly technical background. During this time, one classmate finished first two course cycles and went on to a CIO certificate, and another colleague joined us, after taking a couple of months off.

We are participants in an accelerated graduate program at the University of Maryland University College's Executive Program for a Master's of Science. Thirty-six credit hours crammed into four modules of three seminars each. We have three face to face classes and two online classes for each seminar. Our Saturday sessions lasted from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.

emelle (13K)
Marylyn Madden, Jim Tippet, Abdull Elnatour, Professor Roger Jaffe and Andrew Johnson pose for a farewell shot in our last class. We all dressed up in our finest for the occassion.
emelle (13K)
Sunny Emelle works at Verizon Communications as a manager of quality assurance in Data Network Management Systems
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Chris Beecles works at Cassidy and Pickard, a real estate developer headquartered in the Washington, DC area.
A team photo
Eric Speight, Marilyn Madden, Sunny Emelle and Kevin Loftis formed a potent team that made a closing presentation on IT portfolio management.