Abdull Elnatour -- Jersey boy -- drives all the way from New Jersey to each Saturday session. He works at K. Hovnanian´┐Ż Companies, a nation-wide real estate developer.
  1. Christopher Eric Beccles
  2. Stephen Douglas Brown - Participated in the first two modules for the CIO program
  3. Abdull T Elnatour
  4. Sunny O. Emelle
  5. Paul Fagan
  6. Garie Fordyce
  7. Andrew H. Johnson
  8. Donna G. Kulla
  9. Kevin Patrick Loftis
  10. Marilyn Chasanow Madden
  11. Michael P. O'Hara
  12. Jem Ariel Pagan - Joined the group after the second seminar
  13. Victor A. Rodriguez
  14. Myron Leander Rowles
  15. Michael Lynn Smith
  16. Eric L. Speight
  17. James Tippett
  18. Yuriy G. Yakusha


Michael Shoukat taught two of the final modules of our last seminar.