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Capstone - A Seminar in Managerial Decision Making

Roger Jaffe was a CIO at IBM before taking the first XMIT Masters program at UMUC. Now he teaches the Capstone course.

This capstone seminar, the last of 12 courses, allowed us to pull the whole picture of the past 18 months together. We were supposed to come out of this class thinking like a Chief Information Officer or Chief Technology Officer.

We read Corporate Information Strategy and Management by Lynda M. Applegate, Robert D. Austin and F. Warren McFarlan. The professor is Roger Jaffe. I think that it was the best textbook that we had. A nice mix of business strategy and IT applications.

Our assignments are a major research paper on a regulatory, legal or policy issue and a group project on a technological initiative.


These links were pulled together over the course of the class, with no direct relevance to the curriculum, but useful for

Group Project Presentation

Yuriy Yakusha works at the International Monetary Fund in Washington, DC. He is from the Ukraine. He does not have an IT background, like several others in the class group.

We presented a case study of a CRM (customer Relations Management) application at Cassidy and Pickard. The project has been underway for the past 12 months. Chris Beccles, one of our team members, was an active participant in the research, design, development and implementation of the system. The idea behind it is to serve as a centralized database of corporate knowledge so that the company can maximize its contacts and make decisions about how to better serve their clients.

See our CRM page.

Individual Work Project

I wrote my paper on the regulatory treatment of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in the United States and elsewhere. For the past few years, VoIP usage was practically a geek sideline because poor voice quality and technical limitations hindered its deployment in the corporate and consumer market. However, wider availability of broadband and increasing acceptance by corporations is changing that. Vonage is offering a service that is easily set up and used. Now, however, big players in the telecommunication market are beginnig to fight back against the rising tide of VoIP and pressing the Federal Communications Commission to set new regulations for VoIP business.

See my VoIP page for more details.