Search Engine Optimization

Just putting up a website does not mean that people are going to notice it. A basic understanding of how web search services work is crucial to getting it right because it relates back to design issues and how you place information on your site. With the pre-eminance. I've found that it's both easier and harder to start generating traffic towards your site. Google dominates the search business, so most site owners don't have to worry about the competing services, as they did three years ago. There has also been a lot of consolidation across the board -- the Boom-era portals, like Excite or Lycos -- have fallen on hard times, and several primary services have been bought up by Yahoo or Microsoft.

My website g c i 275 gets almost all its traffic from Google, Yahoo Search, Microsoft Networks or AOL NetFind. I would only worry about getting listed in Yahoo and the OpenDirectory Project. ODP is important because many sites reuse the directory listings on their own pages, thus boosting the links to your own site.

The real work is not in submission, but crafting your pages so that they score well in the ranking systems. If you have good content, that's a big step forward. Then, of course, you may be a commercial operations, competing against scores or hundreds of other sites with the same services or products. You really have to work hard at distinguishing your site.

Paid Submissions

Many search engines and directories want you to pay for inclusion in their listing. Sometimes, they will have a free submission service, but you will have to scower the site to find it.