In a modern browser, like Mozilla, Firebird, Opera, and Safari (See the web browser page for more details), you can make a small icon appear in the address bar or on the bookmark/faviorite link of a visitor's browser. Those browsers that use tabs instead of windows This feature started with Internet Explorer 5. It can be a useful tool for branding your site since your icon will remain in the visitor's favorite list. It also distinguishes a site from the thousands of other sites whose developers never got around to learning about this quirk of the web.

Chami.com's HTML-Kit offers a free conversion of a graphic into a favicon.ico file. You should have a 16x16 graphic already created for best results. You cannot use just a simple gif or jpg file for the icon; it has to be converted to a special format, which HTML-Kit does for free. The service will download your file, convert it and provide a zipped copy of the new file. You should upload it to your root directory on your web server and add the following code to your header:

   <link rel="shortcut icon" href="favicon.ico">

You might want to include the full URL to make sure the browser can locate the file. You may also have to add this link to all your pages to make the icon appear consistently, especially to first-time visitors who chance across a page.

For creating my icons, I used Microangelo, an icon editor that's been around as long as I've been cruising the web. It is created by Eclipsit. There are also freeware programs available to work on icons. See the tool list below.

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