Security Resources

Garie Fordyce works at the National Science Foundation.

One of the big issues for information technology and our course is security. We are bringing together here links and online resources that will help us do our jobs when we finish our course. It is a sprawling topic that can ranges from computer virus to data encryption to hacking.

Personal Security

The Internet has been turned into an increasing hostile place. Not just from a systems point of view, but also on a personal one. No personal user can be without a anti-virus protection, a firewall (software and hardward), protection against spyware and other threats. You can't just assume that a sole user is too small a target. In fact, there is increasing evidence that isolated users have having their computers hijacked by Trojan horses and other malware. Anyone connected to the Internet needs to be prepared.


I have felt compelled to bring together a set of links that can keep personal computer users up to date on threats and tools for mitigating them.

Michael O'Hara works at VISICU, a company that applies information technology and telemedicine to health care.
Michael O'Hara



The rising use of wireless networks means that a whole new dimension of data and infrastructure become vulnerable to risk. The nonchalant implementation of wireless, both at work and home, makes i


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