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The whole thing will blow -- Scottie from StarTrek This site was prepared as a project for the XMIT 694 Internet Technologies course, due date January 12, 2003. It represented my approach to web development and how to make information available to broader publics through the World Wide Web. It reflects eight years of discovery since I downloaded by first version of Netscape Navigator in 1995. I then used it as a warehouse for class materials, research, and other materials that I pulled together.

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When you're done writing a web page, your work is not over. You should also make sure that the page meets minimum standards of accessibility.


The words “internet,” “net,” “web,” and “website” are not capitalized when they’re found in sentence-cased text. E-mail and e-commerce take the hyphen, but not a capital “e.” It is just a recognition that usage of these words has spread so they should no longer be considered proper names. I have not been consistent in the past but now I've seen the light. It will take some time to purify this site.

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Michael L. Smith

I am Michael L. Smith. While I was doing my graduate studies at UMUC, I worked at the Organization of American States in Washington, DC. It's a public international organization, the oldest regional grouping of country states in the world. I worked in the Information Technology Division where, aside from being the token gringo, I did lots of things. My main role is a technology pathfinder—researching options and approaches, mapping out plans and putting a lot of these ideas down on paper. I transferred to the Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD) in mid-2005 where I was the writer, editor and web administrator.. I left the OAS in April 2013.

After completing the XMIT program, I transferred the website content first to my personal website and now to this site, where it will remain as a momento for my classmates and anyone else who might be interested. I originally foresaw rescuing content from previous modules and seminars might take longer than the time assigned for this project, but now it's clear that I have to evolve this in new directions. Stay tuned.

You can find out more about me by checking out PranaJournal.com, my personal blog where I delve into other matters.

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Hosting is provided by MediaTemple, using an Apache web server on a Linux platform. Web traffic analysis will be provided by Google Analitics once I get it set up. I will eventually serve web ads to offset the cost of running the site.


Any comments or suggestions, please send them to Michael Smith Send an e-mail message to Michael L. Smith.