A Fresh Start

This website laid dormant for more than a decade as my life went in a different direction. However, I am now re-establishing my web presence so I decided to revive and revamp the site, its content and layout, using it as a learning tool for web skills and technology in general. This was a task that required more effort than I envisioned. Technologies are in constant evolution and flux, and web links go dead. Close to 60 pages had to be updated and converted from XMTL to HTML5. I have not even begun to check all the outside links.

Please be forewarned that much of the content here is obsolete. I've tried to update the most relevant pages for me or the XMIT group, but I am still working my way through the material.

In order to move this undertaking forward, I decided to radically simplify the site navigation. Setting up and testing a new navigation menu was too consuming, and my priority was removing the most embarrassing debris from the site. For a web worker, having an obsolete site (dead links, dated content, defunct standards, forgotten) is like having a humiliating, 20-year-old photo of a drunk frat party prank posted on the web.

Navigation Alert: To get around this site in the short term, please use the links at the bottom of each page, which will get you to the topic hub pages.

Where We're Coming From

In October 2001, I was a member of a group of 17 IT professionals that took their first tentative steps together towards a graduate degree in information technology as part of an Executive Program at the University of Maryland University College (UMUC). Over the next 18 months, we studied and learned together, griped together and ate stirred-fried vegetables together for lunch until fast food started looking good. Our face-to-face classes took place at the Shady Grove campus of the Maryland University System every other weekend. Luckily for me, I just had to roll out of bed every other Saturday and drive a few miles to the site. One colleague drove down from New Jersey! Much of our work was done on-line.

Photo: buildings at the Shady Grove campus

In April 2003, we finished our academic requirements and graduated on May 17. But our professional journey does not end with that ceremony. The Executive Program of the Information Technology or XMIT has since morphed into another format at UMUC. This site is meant to be a milestone for the classmates who shared 18 months.

This site originally had a blog, but the content lost all relevance so I just hit delete. I may start blogging again because it is the easiest way to report on changes in the site. Currently, I am converting all content over to HTML5 and CSS.


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